The key to success is knowing exactly what you need.

This means deciding on one or two metrics that matter (OMTM/TMTM) and only measuring those.

Through our unique approach, we support organisations in identifying these key metrics. Our vast experience in people and team development has helped us design specialised programmes for both young leaders as well as experienced executives. We offer comprehensive executive development and business strategy consulting to help your team uncover its potential and harness its strengths through empowerment.

Our Programmes.

Individual and Team Coaching Engagement Flow

COAR For Teams

Coaching Session Flow


Leadership Consulting

Team Coaching

Through this programme, we drill down to the core of your organisation – its culture.


Our approach has four key pillars:


A series of candid conversations with key stakeholders and targeted individuals. These conversations are then used to create a survey that is used to identify the true underlying issues preventing your organisation from realising its goals, as well as any potential opportunities that exist.

The Discovery Phase can take between two to five days.


After the client agrees, we begin with the interventions of coaching, consulting, and development based on the information gathered during phase 1. Phase 1 allows us to create tailor-made programmes designed to find solutions to the issues we have identified and take advantage of existing opportunities.

In this phase, we also share proposals on the scope of the service we will provide, recommended partners, potential costs, and next steps.


Each coaching session is unique to each organisation’s situation. In the coaching process, we first focus on identifying all of the issues or opportunities we discovered in the first two phases. This phase is focused on alignment. Our process aims to ensure there’s alignment between the team, customers, and the organisation. Coaching may be supported by development programmes we have outlined in our recommendations.


In the final phase, we focus on identifying individual and team lessons. The goal here is to ensure an organisation can create sustainable systems built on our established principles. There may be adjustments along the way and a need to review and update the processes. The end goal of this phase is to ensure sustainable long-term growth.

Discover how to set up your organisation to ensure sustainable long-term growth.

The COAR model is a framework for high-performance teams that supports them in unlocking their potential.


COAR (OAR for Individuals) stands for:

Context and Systems

Distilling an organisation into teams, then individuals, then their core emotions and moods



Discover how COAR can help your team unlock its potential.

The coaching session flow is an interactive process that helps people practice being present and identify the root cause of their problems.

Getting present

Coaches and coaches practice becoming present.

Following up

A follow-up session dedicated to understanding whether people have kept to their commitments and followed through on their practices.


What is the agreement from this session? Are there any specific outcomes that they need to focus on?

Offering distinctions

Teach or facilitate desired distinctions.


Coaching observations and questions as they work on the issue/topic they want to focus on during the sessions.


Co-design next steps and practices; Offer acknowledgements.

Our IKIGAI model is a specialised programme focusing on meaningful strategy and direction.


This model is inspired by our core philosophy and aims to build on your organisation’s purpose. Our IKIGAI programme is a premium offering that focuses on aligning your organisation’s culture with your purpose and making your corporate environment a happy workplace. Discover how to strengthen alignment and create a meaningful and healthy corporate environment.

A successful organisation is a linguistic phenomenon. It is born from specific conversations and based on human beings’ capacity to make declarations and mutually commit to each other.


The strength of a company lies in the team’s ability to have effective conversations that lead to the desired outcomes consistently. This programme will help you understand the six essential conversations your organisation needs to have to ensure success.


These include:

The Conversation for the Coordination of Action (execution)

 The Conversation for Possibilities

The Conversation for Relationships

The Conversation for Possible Conversation

The Conversation for Learning

The Conversation of Care

At OULBYZ, we help enlarge your understanding of organisations, actions, and leadership to include particular conversations needed for healthy and thriving workplaces. We help you discover how to have the right conversations at the right time. Discover how to master the art of effective communication.

In our Team Coaching Session, we aim to bring awareness to the conversation of teams and how these impact your team’s effectiveness.


In this session, we look at the following:

Teams and their customers, leaders, and members

Why conversations matter to a team

Conversations that serve teams at different stages

What to do when the conversations break down

Introducing diagnostic tools

The purpose of this session is to help your team learn how to communicate effectively. Good communication within a team ensures the better exchange of ideas, execution of projects, and cooperation.

Discover how to take your team’s conversations to the next level.

Our Strategic Advantage.

We are on a mission to bridge the gap between organisations, distributors, and Gen Z employees. We provide bespoke solutions for individuals and organisations that are guaranteed to improve employee engagement and retention and strengthen culture. We tailor our approach to focus on three key focus areas – individuals, organisations, and distributors.

OULBYZ is for

Gen Z




Born 1997-2022

Gen Z or Generation Z – A generation born between 1997-2022. Gen Z’s are characterised by their tendency toward the internet and social media. They tend to care about trends but are also quick to research.

75% by 2025

It’s estimated Millennials and Gen Z will make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025. Source Deloitte

Key stats

These key statistics will give you more insight into the benefits of coaching on an organisational level.

Young professionals with coaches/mentors are promoted five times more often than those without mentors/coaches.
Source Wiley

35% of millennials are likely to quit their job because of a lack of career advancement opportunities.
Source Deloitte

68% of millennials who stay at their organisation for five or more years have a mentor, compared to just 32% of those without a mentor.
Source Deloitte

Coaching empowers leaders to do exceptional work and gives them a strategic advantage.

Through coaching, leaders can uncover their hidden strengths and weaknesses. Coaches also help leaders create goals designed to enable them to pinpoint their weaknesses and track their progress.

Key stats

Here are some key stats to highlight the importance of executive coaching.

Studies show that executive coaching can produce up to 788% ROI.
Source GVA Success

62% of employees at companies with strong coaching cultures rated as highly engaged.
Source: HCI

51% of companies with a strong coaching culture report higher revenue than their industry peer group.
Source HCI

Coaching is the foundation of any successful business. It is the difference between good organisations and great ones.

Key stats

These key statistics will give you more insight into the benefits of coaching on an organisational level.

In a study conducted at a Fortune 500 company, 77% of all respondents indicated that coaching had a significant impact on at least one of nine business measures.
Source GVA Success

Over 70% of individuals who receive coaching benefit from improved work performance, relationships and more effective communication skills.
Source Institute of Coaching

In a survey of 100 Fortune 1000 executives conducted by Manchester, Inc, research showed that a company’s investment in executive coaching realised an average ROI of almost six times the cost of the coaching.
Source The Manchester Review

A third of all Fortune 500 companies utilise executive coaching as standard leadership development for their elite executives and talented employees.
Source The Hay Group

We specialise in helping distribution teams gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Key stats

Here are some key statistics that will give you more insight into the impact of coaching in the logistics industry.

61% of Gen Z consider it very important to work
with mentors to help them define their career paths.
Source Applied systems

78% of Gen Z say it is very important that they find their work personally fulfilling.
Source Tallo

77% of companies surveyed believe there is a greater need to train and develop employees than before the pandemic.
Source Coachhub

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